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    "The Doctor experimented on Jip"


    "There isn't any other place I like as well," said Mudface. "It's so hard to find a country where you're not disturbed these days."
    But the next day the rowdy little sparrow threw a bottle of post office ink over the royal white peacock when he came to the houseboat with the King to take tea. Then the Doctor discharged Cheapside again.
    "The Doctor took an armchair beside the kitchen stove"


    1."You look rather worn out from your journey. Is there anything I can get you?"
    2.She made such a noise that the Doctor couldn't get to sleep on the bottom of the canoe—which wasn't very comfortable, anyway. So he had to sit up and listen. Some of the swallows were still with him, sitting on the edge of the canoe. And the famous Skimmer, the leader, was also there. They and the Doctor were talking over what they could do, when suddenly the Skimmer said, "Sh! Look!" and pointed out to the westward over the dark, heaving sea.
    3."The houseboat post office of No-Man's-Land"
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