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    The Doctor squirmed his arms and wrists and presently his hands were free.


    "Oh, but just think a minute," said Dab-Dab. "Something will come to you.... Don't pester him," she whispered to the others. "Just leave him alone and let him think—he's got two heads to think with, you know. Something will come to him. But don't get him embarrassed, whatever you do."
    "'Oh, yes,' I said, 'I know. I've seen pavement artists before.'
    "'Tuffie brought us home,' says the little girl. 'She came out after us and led us here by going ahead of us and meowing.'


    1."Feel in the man's pockets," called John Dolittle. "Hurry!"
    2."I don't know what I'll say to him. I'll see when I get there," said John Dolittle. "But we must be very careful how we approach, so that he doesn't see us coming. If he should pull up his anchor and sail away we would never be able to overtake him by canoe."
    3."Magic! Do not let his eye fall on you!"
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